Porsha Williams Responds To Kenya Moore Over BOLO Accusations


Porsha Williams Responds To Kenya Moore Over BOLO Accusations!

Kenya Moore is one to talk spreading her legs letting all the ladies see her cooca, but instead of owning up to her part in stripper-gate she puts the focus on Porsha Williams. Read on…

On the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Bolo had already left the house but Kenya Moore’s investigation on who was messing around turned into accusations, reports CelebnReality247.com.

All the ladies were tired of Kenya’s relentless determination to be a judgemental prude. It was a bachelorette party so whatever happened was supposed to stay on the low.

Instead, Kenya decided to air the dirty details to the ladies and point the finger at Porsha Williams who she has had bad blood with for numerous season.

In an another attempt to throw daggars at Porsha, Kenya told the ladies that she thought it was “disgusting” that someone slept with Bolo. Michael Bolwaire, best known as Bolo released a statement saying that he DID NOT have a threesome. Tanya Sam also came forward and said nothing happened between Bolo, she and Porsha.

Personally, its none of Kenya’s business, but that is the type of person she is. To make herself feel better about her life, Kenya down’s everyone around her. And then if you don’t agree with her, she is out to get you. Tanya was so upset with RHOA that she quit filming for the rest of the season.

Lets be real, Kenya is no angel and lives in her own glass house, but Porsha Williams is no longer triggered by Petty Kenya and her messiness.

Porsha took to Twitter with these words for Kenya:

Thats how you do it Porsha.

Photo: Porsha Williams/Twitter