‘Property Brothers’ Drew + Jonathan Scott Sign New 3-Year HGTV Deal!

‘Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott Sign New Three-Year Deal at HGTV

‘Property Brothers’ Drew + Jonathan Scott Sign New 3-Year HGTV Deal!

HGTV has just landed a major deal with fan favorites the “Property Brothers”…

CelebnReality247.com reports that following a multi-platform bidding war, “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have signed a new exclusive multi-year deal with their longtime home HGTV.

Under the three-year talent pact, the twins with a gift for renovation and real estate will produce more episodes of both “Property Brothers: Forever Home” and “Celebrity IOU.” Through their Scott Brothers Entertainment banner, the Scotts will also develop more exclusive home-related series and digital content in partnership with the Warner Bros. Discovery brand.

Though, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Kathleen Finch, Warner Bros. Discovery’s chairman and chief content officer of U.S. Networks Group, told Variety:

Our long and successful collaboration with Drew and Jonathan is largely built on their endless creativity reserves and their ability to establish deep connections with audiences. These are stars who consistently attract and engage fans, no matter the platform, so this new agreement ensures that together we can continue to develop more fun, innovative content that will excite viewers for years to come.

The bestselling authors and designers of multi-category home furnishings brands Drew & Jonathan Home and Scott Living, the Scotts were courted by other networks and streaming services as the expiration date of their most recent deal with HGTV crept closer.

Jonathan Scott told Variety:

We’ve been working for so long now with HGTV and also Warner Bros. Discovery and it was a no-brainer for us. We were definitely wooed by many other major players and some of them who really, really wanted our brand on their platform. And it just feels right with HGTV because we’ve been a family. It’s not even just that it’s a job for us and a workplace. The relationship we have, it’s a symbiotic relationship where we develop the shows and we listen to the fans. We’re engaging directly with the fans with over half a million messages a week, each, from our fans, so we know what they want and the network has always been up to that with us.

Details on The Scotts WarnerMedia merger

According to the Scotts, the WarnerMedia merger that turned their former parent company Discovery into Warner Bros. Discovery — and has brought several changes for both brands since it closed in April — was actually firmly in the “pro” column when considering where to sign.

Drew Scott said:

The thing that’s exciting for us is David Zaslav is heading this charge, and Kathleen Finch, who we’ve had the longest-running, standing relationship with, is amazing with transforming and growing a brand. They are the powerhouse that are continuing to grow Warner Bros. Discovery. And I think, along with everybody else, the executive team is an amazing team. And acting and scripted is my passion and they have that side of things, plus all of their lifestyle and unscripted and everything we’ve been doing already. So this is just a dream for making things bigger and better, reaching more people. I think it’s exciting and the whole time those discussions were happening, for me at least, it was just exciting. There was no reservations. I just thought this was creating more opportunity to inspire people. Maybe I’ll be in the next ‘Game of Thrones’ series, the new ‘House of the Dragon!’

Joking aside, the Scotts do see scripted content as a real possibility, especially now that HGTV has joined Food Network in producing holiday movies for Discovery+ that incorporate network stars.

Jonathan Scott said, referencing his partner, “Elf” star Zooey Deschanel:

After all, I am in a relationship with the world’s most famous elf…So I feel like I have to.


Currently the brothers are casting for Forever Home: