Remy Ma Back Home For Christmas

Remy Ma Back Home For Christmas

Last week, we got word that Love & Hip Hop star and rapper Remy Ma was rushed to the hospital for excessive bleeding 72 hours after giving birth to the golden child.

We are happy to announce that Remy Ma is doing just fine and is back at home. Read on to get more from Remy…

Remy Ma Back Home For reports that Remy Ma couldn’t be happier. She gushed on social media on Christmas Day saying, “Best Christmas present ever!!!?? Thank you @papoosepapoose.”

Reminisce Mackie aka Remy Ma and Papoose happily announced the birth of their golden child a couple weeks back. Shamele Mackie, best known as Papoose has been such a loving and supportive husband to Remy. The 40-year-old Liberian recently praised her strength, courage and motherhood skills.

Now, the Mackies are at home celebrating “black love” with their family and the new edition, the Golden Child.

Over the weekend, Remy also let fans know that she is healthy and back at home:

I’m FINALLY back home and doing much better. The baby has been PERFECTLY fine since being born Dec. 14th and I’m resting & recovering at home. (Pap is VERY happy, on cloud 9,999?) Thank you to all of our family, friends, and loved ones who reached out- Sorry for not responding to texts and/or calls – I physically was not able to and my husband @papoosepapoose was concerned & worried about me all while looking after our “Golden Child”. Also, thank you to all the fans who sent their love and prayers?? We would also like to thank the ENTIRE staff at the hospital (doctors, nurses, aides, even the housekeeping) as well as the AMAZING security team ; not only did you all make sure my family was well taken care of but everyone was very professional and extremely respectful & protective of our privacy; we truly appreciate it – ?

with love, The Mackies

Merry Christmas to the Mackies

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