RHOP Newbie Slept With One Of The Potomac Housewives Husband

RHOP Newbie Slept With A Potomac Housewives Husband

RHOP Newbie Slept With One Of The Potomac Housewives Husband?

We are hearing rumors that the Real Housewives of Potomac season 6 newbie Mia Thornton has allegedly slept with one of the other ladies’ husbands on the series? Continue on for more details about RHOP Newbie slept with one of the Real Potomac Husband???

CelebnReality247.com has learned from a source that word on the street is that Mia Thornton slept with one of the Potomac husbands.

According to the source, who listed this as a blind item, they hinted that the RHOP newbie Mie Thornton has messed around with one of the ladies on the series husband. 

Now we will take this tea spill with a grain of salt because you can always believe what you hear.

However, we would like to do a little deduction on who it would NOT be.

It’s not Ashley Darby since she just gave birth to her second child with her husband Michael Darby. just because Ashley is recovering from childbirth, Michael has a tendency to play on the side. She was open about their marital situation, so he is another one who could have smashed Mia. Though we doubt Michael even being a thought in her mind.

We will remove Karen Huger, she doesn’t seem she would allow that to happen. She has been laser-focused about getting back in the sheet with her hubby Raymond A Huger. This past season was a bit bumpy in their marriage. 

Then there is Gizelle Bryant who rekindled her relationship with her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant, who lives in Atlanta. Now, Jamal has been around so, he is the most likely to have smashed Mia.

Nigerian-American Dr. Wendy Osefo, the newest housewife, is another one we would remove because marriage is a sacred bond for her. She wouldn’t disrespect herself or let any woman near her man. She’s out.

Who Is left?

Robyn Dixon, she and her sexy Fiance Juan Dixon have had plenty of ups and downs. They’re working on getting married for a second time. Like we said Robyn and Juan have been through a lot, but Juan is another suspect on our radar.

There is Candice Dillard who is all about her man and looks like she’d cut a b—h if one tried to smash her man.

And last but not least is Monique Samuels who has officially left the series after her reunion appearance. her husband is very much in love with her. But he’s an ex-football player, so he is another possibility.