Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

If you ask MariahLynn, she told us all on the Love and Hip Hop 9 Reunion that Rich Dollaz has been her main man for the past 8 years.

We were all like, WTF? when Mariah spilled the tea on the reunion.

Plus, we have all the women that we are aware that Rich Dollaz has dated while on Love and Hip Hop New York, Hollywood, and Atlanta. Yes, he gets around, but MariahLynn has also been seen with a few men as well.  Read on to see the history…

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship finds this interesting because the two have been each other’s backup piece for a minute, but we are guessing that they’ve decided to give it a shot.

MariahLynn is obviously more into Rich Dollaz, she’s been clucking about him for years. Ever since she starred on Love and Hip Hop in 2016 she’s been telling everyone on social media that they had dated for 3 years. Apparently, Mariah was tired of Rich denying their time spent together, so that may have been the reason she aired all the tea on the reunion.

This is how Rich addressed her on social media over the years.

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

At one point Rich even went as far as saying they never messed around.

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

Then is mom jumped on the train saying he hadn’t messed with Lynn in a long time.

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

Rich chimed in agreeing with his mom.

Rich Dollaz Sets Record Straight on MariahLynn Relationship

These days, when it comes to their relationship Rich is now setting the record straight.

He is saying:

Like, me and Mariah have been on and off for eight years, but I think people are thinking this thing where I had her hidden or something. Mariah has clearly dated other people. I mean, and that’s not a dig at Mariah. You can go on social media and see that Mariah has been with other people.

Richies answered some questions from VH1 who wanted more on the Love and Hip Hop reunion reveal.

Here is what he’s saying:

All things considered, we were both on and off. In our off times, we’ve dated other people. So the whole misconstrued sentiment that Rich is hiding Mariah and hiding the relationship…no. What it is is two people, they stray away, they get back together, they connect, they talk, they hang out, you know? We’re friends. So, in between the personal relationship, it is still a friendship. So if we see each other, we don’t hate each other, but just because we stray away and we reconnect at a later date doesn’t mean that I have her hiding in the dungeon R.Kelly style. This sh-t sounds f-cking ridiculous to me.

So where is the relationship between Rich Dollaz and MariahLynn?

Here is what Richie D is saying:

We talk, we speak all the time. I think ultimately after getting angry and then coming back full circle and calming down and having a conversation and then the apologies started. Now it’s like, ’Okay, now that we’re beyond that, I get it. What’s done is done, it’s water under the bridge. Now, what is it? Because you said things on the reunion that would imply that this is something that needed to be serious. At least a conversation needs to be had about the seriousness of the relationship. Now we need to sit down and figure out where do we go from here in regards to how we move forward with Rich and Mariah.’

It’s water under the bridge. I mean, we’ve both forgiven each other and now it’s to the point where it’s like “Okay, based on what was said, what are we doing now?” and that’s where we are now. Trying to figure out what’s our next steps for Rich and Mariah.

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