Robyn & Gizelle Say Candiace Learned Nothing From Last Season

Robyn & Gizelle Say Candiace Didn’t Learn Anything From Last Season!

Robyn & Gizelle Say Candiace Learned Nothing From Last Season!

It appears that Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant both agree with us when it comes to Candiace Dillard learning nothing from her fight with Monique Samuels.

You with think when Monique Samuels grabbed her hair and started punching her in the head, not to mention wanting to kill her you would think she change her mouthy ways.

Apparently not, reports the chaos continues on the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” as hurricane Candiace sets down and wreaks havoc.

Candiace Dilliard is a piece of work and we are just counting the months before her husband says enough is enough and divorces her ass.

No man is gonna continue to stay married to one of the most entitled women on Potomac. She walks around with a chip on her shoulder always looking for her next fight.

It is not becoming of a lady. And we are sorry to say this but Candiace may have been a Miss Universe 2013, but if America knew how she really was, she would have NEVER won that title.

And the sad part is she is beautiful but so ugly on the inside and so nasty to the other ladies on the show, that beauty is a ZERO!

Candiace has so much emotional baggage that is disgusting, and she takes it out on everyone. The issues she has needs to be worked out. She may call herself the villain on Potomac, but she is looking more and more pathetic.

Tonight’s episode just made us dislike her so much more. And we like Candiace, but she loves to pull the victim card and loves to NEVER own up to her wrongs.

Mia is no better, walks around like she is on a pedestal but women like that are insecure. They have issues and so they try to down people so they can feel better about themself. Mia has a lot of growing to do.

As for Ashley, she just married money and puts up with Michael because they’re both swingers. They suit each other. Not the biggest fan of Mrs. Darby, she always finds a way to slither in someone else situation and make it about herself and her nasty ass husband.

Now, we brought all three of the women up because they are all the same, they all claim victims, they all have major issues and all three of them are insecure. We are shocked they’re NOT all friends because they act the same – judgemental, talk major shhhh, and play victim, and never own up to their mistakes.

At the end of it, this is why Robyn and Gizelle say Candiace has learned nothing from last season. Maybe someone needs to remind her how it felt to get her hair grabbed and thrown down on the table again. Monique are you ready for round two???

Check the video chronicle from tonight, you might wanna grab Candiace’s hair and pull her across the table by the end of it. Just saying, she’s learned NOTHING!

The chronicle of Loose cannon Candiace:

Her table manors are foul:

We love Karen’s reaction and what she says:

YEASSSS, Robyn and Giselle – she has LEARNED NOTHING!

This is when Ashley and Candiace clash, again. Chris says he wants to be on good terms with Ashley and Michael. But Ashley isn’t over Candiace calling Michael an “overseer” on Twitter. They exchange words, and Ashley brings up last season’s altercation. She tells Candiace she is the common denominator. #FACTS