LHHH’s Roccstar HATE Towards A1 Bentley Is EPIC

LHHH's Roccstar Has NO LOVE for A1

When it comes to A1 Bentley and Roccstar, the two have some history, this according to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Anyways, Roccstar is one of Lyrica Anderson’s old producers. Also note that Leon Youngblood Jr. aka “Roccstar” is a Grammy-nominated American music producer, songwriter, recording artist, and rapper. He has worked with Fergie, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and most recently, Post Malone.

Which makes all of us ask, why is Roccstar on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Read on because he may be a producer, but Roccstar also shows you how he’s a snake, a hater, and given the chance a slim bag trying to get his way…

We won’t take away his talent as a hitmaker, Roccstar is more than full of himself and for some reason, he believes he’s fine. Note: he’s NOT, his shady ways takes all that away.

Continuing on, we have observed his scenes on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and we are utterly disgusted. He is such a fake. Roccstar smiles in your face and then talks major dirt about everyone. This is what we call Hollywood friend. It is also known as being Hollywood.

LA is full of people like this. They don’t care who they step on or what it takes to make it. If you have talent like Roccstar, you don’t have to be like that. Unless you’re a bottom feeder.

Here is why CelebNReality247.com is keeping it REAL about the 28-year-old producer and his hateful ways against A1 Bentley.

From the jump, Roccstar has proved he dislikes A1 and will do everything in his power to discredit or sabotage his career. If you’ve been watch, Roccstar has instigated situations between Lyrica and A1. he tried to steel Apple from Floyd. Then, he talked major dirt on Lyrica’s husband, but the cocky producer believes he is displaying his truth.

Bitchhhhhhh ? #LHHH

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What Roccstar is showing the world is that he’s a cocky, entitled, arrogant artist that believes is shh doesn’t stink.

Good for you man, you may be living your best life, but stick to producing, your personality is lackluster. You claim you’re the life of the party. You come off as one of those people who had to dog someone else to make yourself feel good. #SMH

We noticed that Mona Scott-Young has conviently NOT put up any of his scenes on the internet except for his interview and the one clip with Amber Diamond.

You can just hear Roccstar’s hate for A1 in this snippet:

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