Ronnie Magro: Jen Harley Alleges Extortion Attempt

OMG! This is so out of hand! Ronnie Magro when are you going to wake up and realize Jen is NOT a nice person?

Here we go again, just two days after Ronnie Ortiz-Magro shared a photo of his bruised face Jen Harley. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star is alleging that his baby mama is trying to extort him.

This is NOT what dog lovers want to hear about the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star, but he NEEDS to rid himself of Jen. Read on for all the deets…

Ronnie Magro BLASTS Jen Harley for Alleged Extortion can’t believe what we heard on a video of Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley fighting in their Las Vegas home.

This marks the second day in a row that Ronnie Magro and Jen have drawn attention to rocky relationship behavior but this time, things escalated a bit more quickly!

TMZ reports:

The Jersey Shore star posted a video calling out his baby momma for allegedly leaving their child (and her 12-year-old son) home alone to go get drunk with friends.

Then, Jen showed up at Ronnie’s home to pick up their six-month-old daughter Ariana Sky, only to be blocked at the front door by Ronnie’s aunt.

Law enforcement eventually showed up after a HUGE shouting match, and Ronnie filed a battery report with them — which we can assume is from the night before. Ronnie Magro documented the injuries he sustained by Jen on Wednesday night on social media.

After the incident, Ronnie posted (and then deleted) to his Instagram Story a text message convo with Jen that reportedly shows her asking him for $20,000 as a fine for his bad behavior, as you can see (above).

The 32-year-old called it out at the time as an extortion attempt, though it’s unclear if any legal ramifications came from it.

Before Jen joins them in Atlantic City, the gang hangs out and nervously discusses her toxic relationship with Ronnie:

We will keep you posted if anything else happens…

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