Royce Reed Enjoying Dwight Howard Scandal

Royce Reed Eating Popcorn Watching Dwight Howard Scandal

Get the popcorn and grab a drink the Dwight Howard scandal is unfolding.

Yes, Former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed and baby mama to NBA star Dwight Howard is enjoying the tea spilling.

Read on to see what Royce Reed had to say about her baby daddy Dwight Howard

Royce Reed Eating Popcorn Watching Dwight Howard reports that Royce Reed has been watching her baby daddy Dwight Howard get dragged all over the Internet.

Fans of Dwight Howard were blindsided by a Transgender Woman named Masin Elijè decided EXPOSE Dwight has been allegedly harassing and verbally abusing her.

According to Elijè, they had a secret romance that came to an end after Dwight cheated on him with other men and transgender women.

What is worse is that Howard’s associates and his pastor, have allegedly tried their best to keep her silenced.

Meanwhile, former Basketball Wives star pettily shared that she’s grabbed popcorn to see how this drama plays out.

Royce Reed posted this:

Excuse me the comments are starting.

We love her for this! #LOL

We guess she is eating all of the drama that her ex is going through?

What do you think of Royce Reed and her petty ways? Justified or NOT?

We wonder what Royce is sipping in that tall drank?

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