Ryan Henry Admits To Sleeping With Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama

Ryan Henry Admits To Sleeping With Anthony Lindsey's Baby Mama

Ryan Henry Admits To Sleeping With Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama!

Like we said before, with friends like Ryan Henry who needs an enemy. What Ryan seems NOT to get is that what he did is hurtful. It is an utter betrayal of friendship and proves there is no loyalty. Read on…

CelebnReality247.com is not here to paint an ugly picture of Ryan Henry, he is doing that all on his own with his actions.

Yes, Ryan Henry is addressing and admitting that he “is taking punches to the chin,” but if he kept his D away from his best friend’s woman he wouldn’t be in this position. This comes a day after Henry disses his former friend for airing his dirty laundry on social media.

In the video, Ryan goes on to repeatedly say he doesn’t understand why Anthony Lindsey posted the text he was sent.

Well, it’s simple Ryan.

Anthony feels betrayed and doesn’t feel you have any loyalty to him especially since you bagged his lady. And what makes it worse is you call him brother and you are the Godfather to his son.


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Does Ryan NOT get how under-handed and dirty that is?

This explains a lot on why things failed with Rachel and why Ceaser from Black Ink Crew New York calls you a “fake Boss that step on their people just to get ahead.”

Time and time again, Ryan continues to make the same mistake, so it starting to show a pattern. Once is a mistake, but cheating on Rachel with Kat, then smashing Kitty behind Ceaser’s back is untrusting.

Now, you slept with your best friend baby mama, that is unloyal and betrayal.

Not to mention the time when Ryan was smashing Charmaine’s cousin Dani J while she was with her now-husband. That is the main reason she quit 9Mag, to save her engagement. Dani finally got married last year to Terrence Tounsel.

Here is his FULL 15 minute admission:

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