Ryan Henry Responds To Team Rachel Fans

Ryan Henry Responds To Team Rachel Fans

Ryan Henry Responds To Team Rachel Fans!

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan Henry has been open about his struggles.

From issues with his 9Mag crew to making tough decisions, and walking away from some friendships to make 9 Mag thrive. Read on…


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CelebnReality247.com reports that fans of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” have been critical of Ryan’s past decisions.

A few seasons back he was caught cheating with Katrina “Kat” Jackson while he was trying to mend his relationship with his high school sweetheart and baby momma Rachel James. In fact, Van and the others felt as if Ryan crossed the line messing around with Kat while he was with Rachel.

Ryan has been transparent about his love life on the series, but recently he has made headlines for sleeping with his best friend baby mama.

Henry reality TV life has shown fans of the show the many ups and downs of his personal life. But as he has become more famous, he has had more of an “I don’t care” attitude. Has that worked out for him, some may say yes, while others disagree?

Ryan Henry wanted to make things work with Rachel James.

But too much has happened and these days Ryan and Rachel are co-parents. Ryan has tried to convince Rachel that they can get past the whole Kat thing, but she wasn’t convinced.

Fast forward to 2020, Ryan crossed the line once again by sleeping with his closest friends baby mama.

First Ryan tried to deny the truth by debunking Anthony Lindsey’s claims, so his friend BLASTED him on social media.  His estranged friend Van Johnson and Ceaser had something to say about Ryan not being a loyal friend and how he will step on who he needs to advance himself career-wise.

Ryan eventually admitted that he did this, and he received some criticism for it on social media. And for those who are Team Rachel had something to say about his sexcapades.

Some people are still hoping that there can be a reconciliation with Rachel sooner than later.

Ryan Henry Responds to Instagram User:

When an Instagram user said they hope Rachel and Ryan come to the realization that they are made for each other.

Henry replied:

Request a trade.

He added:

We realized something alright.