Ryan Henry’s ‘Immature’ With Miss Kitty + Rachel At Gender Reveal

Ryan Henry's 'Immature' Ways With Kitty SLAMMED By Fans

Ryan Henry’s ‘Immature’ With Miss Kitty + Rachel At Gender Reveal!

Black Ink Crew star Ryan Henry and Kitty Sovain have some serious chemistry, but things got real weird when the mother of his child was in the same room. Read on to see how Ryan Henry acts real different with Miss Kitty in front of Rachel…

CelebNReality247.com reports on Wednesday’s episode of ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago,’ there were two sides to Ryan that came to the surface.

Before Ryan Henry started acting real funny when Kitty Sovain and Rachel Leigh (his ex-girlfriend) is around him.

Kitty wanted to get a tattoo done and that too from Ryan. He obliged, packed his shop and arrived at her residence.

Miss Kitty told her she’d like to get a mother and baby elephant inked on the back of her calf.

Before Ryan Henry delivered his free-hand masterpiece of a tattoo with tiny details, he even cracked a risque joke: “Get naked, let’s do it,” to which Miss Kitty laughed uncontrollably.

During ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago,’ Ryan Henry was real different at Charmaine Walker’s gender reveal event.

That had a lot to do with the mother of his son, Rachel being there.

In her green-room interview, Kitty appeared confused about Henry’s behavior but was later informed by production that Rachel was at the party too.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Henry acting distant and weird with Rachel and Miss Kitty?


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