Sky’s Son Des Wants ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans to Stop Criticizing Her

Sky’s Son Des Wants ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans to Stop Criticizing Her

Sky’s Son Des Wants ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans to Stop Criticizing Her!

Since both of Sky’s sons found their way on to Black Ink Crew a couple seasons back, fans were supportive at first. Well, that was until, she and her two sons fell out. Read on to see why Sky’s Son Des loves his mom from a far…


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A post shared by Dessalines (@dezzzraymond7) on reports Black Ink Crew fans have been weighing in on Sky and her parenting skills ever since and now her son Des wants fans to stop coming for her parenting skills.

Time has past since Sky has been on the VH1 series Black Ink Crew with her sons since the blow out between she and her son. A lot of fans of the show feel as if her relationships with her sons have been toxic. And her fallout with Des just pushed fans the wrong way.

But Des is over how Black Ink fans are still sounding off about his mom years later.

Things got worse when Genesis claimed that they only hear from Sky when she wants them to film the show. And Des accused her of just using them for a story line. So the backlash for Sky just never ended.

Fast forward to now, during a recent interview, Sky revealed where she currently stands with both of her sons. She said that as of now, she’s loving them from a distance. She understands there are people who don’t like the way she handled things, all she can do is be her authentic self.

Now, her son Des wants people to leave Sky alone.

Basically, Des is just tired of them coming for his mom.

In a now deleted Instagram post, he wrote:

Why do People care more about my Relationship With my mom, then we do? my mom and I are different people, many ways alike and many ways different. I know my mother has as much love for me as I do her. #chillwiththebs

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