Teairra Mari Caught In A Web of Lies by Moniece Slaughter

Teairra Mari Caught In A Web of Lies by Moniece Slaughter

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari has been rumored to have cooked up the storyline that Akbar Abdul-Ahad released a sex tape of the couple having intercourse.

Earlier this year Teairra Mari’s integrity was questioned shortly after her press conference announcing that a sex tape was released on social media.

Now, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5 is finally catching up to what people have been saying all along. Read on for more on Moniece Slaughter vs Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari Caught In A Web of LiesCelebNReality247.com reports that Teairra Mari has been caught in a web of lies and she is FURIOUS.

Teairra Mari is doing what she always does, and that is point fingers at everyone else as the culprit and forgets to own up to her stories.

She constantly complains about her friend betraying her, but she forgets to be honest about her wrongdoings.

Thanks to messy Brooke Valentine, she went to the source, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and found out that he and Tea Tea have been smashing since the press conference.

Teairra Mari complains that she needs loyal friends and people to have her back, but how can Moniece Slaughter have her back if she’s still letting Akbar spray his babies on her?

Talk about having a lot of nerve. Moniece is making complete scenes in the matter and Teairra Mari needs to check herself. We all know that’s not going to happen though.

Meanwhile, Akbar is loving all the attention he is receiving from this. He will probably recruit more women to his harem.

We also learned like Moniece that Teairra only slapped him with a lawsuit to make him dump his wife and latin girlfriend. Yeah, that’s NOT gonna work. A man like Akbar is NOT changing anything he does.

Once Moniece found out she shared the tea with Miss Nikki Babe and La’Britney.

Watch as Nikki invites Moniece, La’Britney and Teairra Mari on a mini spa getaway to decompress after the London trip, but Moniece and Teairra Mari still have unresolved issues. (above)

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