The Bachelor Reshoots Peter Weber Kelsey Weier Date

The Bachelor Reshoots Peter Weber Kelsey Weier Date

The Bachelor continues to win fans over year after year coming in at number one for reality shows, but even the best reality shows are 100% REAL!

Nope, The Bachelor basically got caught with their pants down so to speak because someone leaked footage of the production doing reshoots. Read on to watch The Bachelor Reshoots

Earlier this week, The Bachelor was spotted doing some necessary reshoots with a few of their cast members to make things look a bit more romantic or something like that.

Professional Bachelor sleuth Reality Steve got a hold of the footage and busted this story wide open on Twitter for all to see.

He posted several clips of Peter Weber’s one-on-one date with Kelsey Weier. The couple was being filmed exiting a sports bar/bowling alley and apparently had to reshoot a few times before producers were happy.

Basically, in the footage below you see multiple takes of Peter Weber’s one-on-one date with Kelsey Weier happily walk in and out of buildings to a troll until the producers were happy, and got the shot they needed to make a storyline.

Don’t ya just love reality TV, because it’s so real…not!

Once again this proves The Bachelor is more of a lose based script made to look like reality TV. Oh the beauty of filming and the fans who eat this stuff up. SMH!

Take a look at The Bachelor reshoots:


Peter and Kelsey’s date was filmed in front of hoards of fans capturing the moment on Instagram, so the fact that reshoots are necessary doesn’t seem to be something The Bachelor is hiding. It’s just fun when stuff like this gets exposed so we can show you the backside of reality TV.

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