TROLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago’s Van Stripper Tackle

TOLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago's Van Stripper Tackle

TROLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago’s Van Stripper Tackle!

#BlackInkCrew Chicago continues to prove to be the better of the two series. Last night, Van lost it when Charmaine pulled a prank during the launch of Loyal Ink with a male stripper wearing a 9Mag T-shirt.

When he went to rip it off and unbutton his pants Van LOST IT and went into an enraged tackle mode taking out the stripper, throwing him out of Loyal Ink.

That is when Charmaine revealed it was a prank and brought in a female stripper. Read on to see how Van’s jealous stripper tackle ignites Twitter reaction… has the latest from #BlackInkCrew Chicago with Van going buck wild at the grand opening party of Loyal Ink.

Here is how things looked before Van Johnson lost it, Charmaine and Lily squashed their beef and things were looking good until the strippers walked in:

Moments later, the Van Stripper Tackle took place and the Troll Patrol has been weighing in…

The TROLL PATROL is sounding off about Van:

@Trismegistus10 writes:

Van may be the only real man on the show. He checked his woman and let her know his standards. Phor gets punched in the face every episode by his woman. Ryan is with a woman that doesn’t really seem to like him. Don is with a woman he’s not attracted to. #blackinkchi

TOLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago's Van Stripper Tackle

For more head over to #BlackInkCrew…

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