Tommie Lee Released From Jail

Tommie Lee Released From Jail

Troublesome “Love and Hip Hop” star Tommie Lee has finally been released from jail!

Tommie Lee has had more than her fair share of being locked up behind bars, but this time she swears it won’t happen again. Read on… reports that Tommie Lee took to social media to let her fanbase know that she is a free bird.

Earlier this week Lee’s boyfriend Ian Connor said “soon” which meant Tommie would be out of jail before Christmas. He was right.

The mother was arrested back in October after she allegedly assaulted her daughter inside of her Cobb County middle school.

Tommie Lee has been on lockdown for over two months. She was locked up in October for a month and then on November 7, Tommie landed herslef back in jail for violating her probation with a DUI.

Fast forward to now, Tommie Lee has finally been released from jail so she took to Instagram sending a shout out to folks who supported her while she was imprisoned:

I just wanna say thank you to everyone who prayed for me, wrote to me, sent me money that I did or didn’t need. Everybody who supported me on social media and actually care.

She posted a video (above) saying:

I’m Not A Perfect Person Nor Do I Pretend to Be!! Your Not Either You Just Know How To Hide #TRUTH #December14 #tommieshit#tommieHome @anthonyhamiltonofficial its An everyday struggle trying to keep my #Dreams from becoming #nightmares thankyou @illhd and @princegreene

Meanwhile, Tommie has been lawyered up with a high powered attorney and promises to make a change to her life, moving forward.

She said:

I promise things will be different. That’s my word.

Tommie Lee Released From Jail


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