Towanda Braxton Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Towanda Braxton Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Braxton Family Values sister Towanda Braxton is back on the small screen thanks to her family’s show but she files for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Read on for the latest tea spilling on Towanda Braxton reports that Towanda Braxton is in the spotlight each week, but the ins and outs of her personal life are making headlines again.

According to reports, Towanda Braxton has reportedly filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Braxton said she makes roughly $4,692.50 each month. But her monthly expenses total out to be a little more than $6,000. On top of that, she reportedly owes $547,056.39 but currently has $277,650 in assets.

One of her debts is alleged to be for her youngest sister, Tamar Braxton. Word is Towanda owes the Love & War singer $35,000 for a personal loan.

TMZ, Towanda Braxton’s monthly income averages out to about $4,692.50 a month. That’s doable in Atlanta’s and Georgia’s comparatively low cost of living. The problem, however, is that Towanda Braxton’s monthly expenses are reportedly over $6k, according to the documents obtained by the publication.

Towanda Braxton’s problems don’t end there. According to the court filing, she owes $547,056.39 but only has $277,650 in assets, reports,  Rolling Out

The sisters have been at it for a few years. It appears that the money seems to be the issue with Tamar and Towanda. Although, they are actually getting along really well this season.

Back in 2018, sister Trina just wanted Tamar and Towanda to get along:

Neither of them has publicly spoken on whether the reported loan has come between their sisterhood.

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