Transgender Female Dishes on Affair With Angelina’s Husband Chris Larangeira

Transgender Female Spills Tea on Affair With Angelina's Husband Chris Larangeira

Transgender Female Dishes on Affair With Angelina’s Husband Chris Larangeira!

Ok so for the first half of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Angelina Marie Larangeira was going through it after a psychic told her that her husband Chris Larangeira was still cheating on her.

Angelina spoke with Jenni, Snooki and Deanna on what to do. Jenni already saw that Angelina was getting herself ready for divorce and now the tea is spilling why… has learned that the individual that Chris Larangeira was cheating with was a Transgender female model named Jazlyn.

Over the past week, the alleged cheating rumors have become a bit more real.

Chris Larangeria’s love interest, Jazlyn spilled the tea to The Sun, telling the site, “I didn’t know he was still married.”

The Transgender female went on to say “I would always ask him. ‘Why are you still with her? Like, why are you posting photos with her if you’re not married to her?'”

She adds:

He would deny it to me, and he would lie to me like he would lie to her. It was just crazy.

Jazlyn Has This to Say About The Secret Affair.

The model said that their relationship began over Instagram in July 2021, and he soon asked her for her Snapchat contact to continue speaking.

They eventually began talking, texting, video chatting and sexting over the phone.

Jazlyn said that she and Chris would talk and message each other every day, but then he would stop contacting her for weeks at a time.

She claimed:

We were talking and he would say things like ‘I want to get to know you better so you can come to my house and visit me.’ I was getting mad because how do you want to get to know me – we’d talk, and then he would ghost me for weeks at a time.

I did start to get feelings for him, but I never thought he was serious. I asked him, ‘What is it that you want from me?’ He told me he wanted to be with me.

She goes on:

He told me ‘If I just divorce her, we could be happy, I can give you a better life,’ and I was like, ‘You are just bull*****ing.’ If you really want to know somebody, you’re going to call her all the time, not just every couple weeks and then stop talking.

Chris and Jazlyn then got into an argument around Halloween.

Jazlyn alleged:

On Halloween, he said he wasn’t with her, but then they were posting photos together- he lied and told me he had to be there with her for the opening of a club.

By November, Jazlyn said they had started FaceTiming and texting regularly.