Trick Daddy Wants Fat Transfer To His D—

Trick Daddy Wants Fat Transfer To His D---

Trick Daddy Wants Fat Transfer To His D—!

Like we said before, “we can’t make this shh up.” Continue on to see what Love & Hip Hop Miami star Trick Daddy just said he wanted to get his penis enlarged on social media… reports that Trick Daddy wants to get rid of his stomach and he apparently knows where he wants it transferred to.

If you ask Trick Daddy, he was a fat transfer and they have it all put in his di-k.

According to reports, Penis enlargement through “fat grafting” is one of the most popular new surgeries for men. The procedure claims to be able to increase the girth of the shaft of the penis.

A liposuction procedure is necessary in order to collect the fat for transfer. The fat is then purified, removing cell debris, blood, and infiltration fluid.

Next, a small incision is made at either the base of the penis or within a previous circumcision scar so that the cannula can be inserted. Fat is then distributed around the shaft of the penis, between 30-65mL.

Once complete, the fat is manually manipulated to ensure even dispersal of the fat. No stitches are typically necessary unless combined with a more invasive implant procedure.

After surgery, patients generally have to wear loose-fitting clothing for 1-2 weeks but can resume penetrative sex after 1-2 weeks. Doctors recommend that men who undergo the procedure should refrain from strenuous exercise for 1 month.


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