Has Tyga Been Using Kylie Jenner for Her Money

Has Tyga Been Using Kylie Jenner for Her Money

Could this have been rappers Tyga’s angle all along? Has Tyga and Blac Cyna been trying to get some of that Kardashian money? Word on the street is Kylie Jenner is FLAT BROKE since Tyga has drained her accounts???

Flip and get the hot tea being spilled on Tyga using Kylie Jenner for her money…

Has Tyga Been Using Kylie Jenner for Her Money

CelebNReality247.com just got some hot tea and its boiling hot since RUMORS have been spreading that Tyga allegedly got Kylie to put him on her payroll to be her boyfriend!

We hope this isn’t true, but then we all know how stupid young love can be. If this is true, Kylie Jenner is one stupid girl to dump money on that troll.

Radar Online reports:

Kylie Jenner has been burning through cash like it’s going out of style, and sources exclusively tell RadarOnline.com the reality teen’s now in danger of going flat broke!

“She’s putting it out there that she’s got upwards of $10 million in her account, but the truth is that she’s worth less than a quarter of that,” an insider told Radar.

The reason? “Kylie’s poured millions into her ill-performing cosmetics company, plus she’s quietly sponsored a bunch of Tyga’s friends [boot lickers] who’ve hit her up for loans that total hundreds of thousands at a time,” noted the insider.

But Tyga’s been the biggest financial drain, siphoning off over $2 million from 18-year-old Jenner.

As Radar reported, Jenner recently “begged” the rapper to pay back the cash, but Tyga, 26, claimed he thought what his girlfriend intended as loans were actually gifts.

If this is true. It’s sad that Kylie is so desperate for a black man to smash that she’s paying for it. What an ugly cliché!

Where is Kim? She NEEDS to teach Kylie how to go for the brothers who are paid and have successful careers. Not the ones that are her today gone tomorrow.