Van Johnson SHADES Ryan Henry With #Entanglement

Van Johnson SHADES Ryan Henry With #Entanglement

Van Johnson SHADES Ryan Henry With #Entanglement!

It goes to show you, when you betray your friends and continue to do people dirty everyone has something to say about it. Ryan has been accused of sleeping with his best friends ex mother of his son while undergoing cancer treatment. Now, Black Ink Chicago’s Van Johnson has something to say about Henry NOT being loyal to his friends. Read on since Van Johnson SHADES Ryan Henry … is getting all kinds of tea spilling our way so as always we are just reporting what is being told to us.

We have done some fact checking and the proof comes from Anthony Lindsey, Ryan Henry’s best friend and God Father to his son.

In August, Anthony Lindsey posted a message about his relationship with his baby mama not working out while partying on a yacht with Henry.

What Anthony didn’t know was Ryan, his best friend, was smashing his baby mama secretly while smiling in his face each and everyday this summer.

Ceaser of Black Ink Crew New York had something to say about Ryan Henry.

Now, his former friend Van Johnson also weighed in on the 9Mag owners extra curricular activities with his best friends ex woman.

That type of behavior is unacceptable and intolerable. This ain’t no Will Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith Red Table Talk session.

Days ago it was said that Ryan Henry allegedly hooked up with the baby mama of one of his closet friends, Anthony Lindsey.

Anthony revealed the following:

Both of my sons have been effected immensely. Caydenn didn’t deserve this. I didn’t deserve this. We were brothers. This isn’t for a show which everyone seems to think. Nah this my life. If you know or follow me, you know I hold my sons mother with the highest regard as well as Ryan. They did this to me while I fought cancer. I’m broken, hurt, confused and so many other things. It’s been a week and she’s tired of talking about it lol. I can’t believe either gives a f*ck about me. Period.

He also insinuated Ryan recently posting about the importance of mental health bothered him:

My son asks to go to Ryan’s but says I want to see the boys not Ryan. He says he doesn’t want to see Ryan because Ryan and mommy did something to you. He’s four why is this in his life? Ryan made the mental health posted but destroyed mine.

Van Responds with This:

Van Johnson SHADES Ryan Henry With #Entanglement!

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