Watch The Mob Wives The Last Stand Reunion EXPLOSIVE Ending

Renee Graziano

Wait until you see the first 5-minutes of Mob Wives The Last Stand Reunion EXPLOSIVE Ending with Drita and Karen’s final show down!!!

When old footage opens up old wounds between the ladies, things are going to get ugly, get the FULL scoop on the flip…

It’s the final showdown on Wednesday night between the Mob Wives on the season 6 reunion as the Mob Wives sit down together to hash out their differences.

The producers allowed give fans a first look at Wednesday night’s EXPLOSIVE ENDING to the hit series Mob Wives The Last Stand Reunion on Vh1.

The season six reunion will be unlike any other hour of television you’ve ever seen as Renee, Carla, Karen, Drita, Big Ang, Marissa, and Brittany face off. But first we go behind the scenes to see the ladies prep for the reunion and see how they get their notes to see how the reality reunion process goes down before the face off on the reunion.

As they watch scenes from past seasons that they’ve never seen, and heard soundbites from their co-stars that they haven’t heard before, tempers start to flare…and they haven’t even finished with hair and makeup.  A lot of tea is spilled and things are said, and Drita is geared up and ready to throw down on Karen’s face.


Meanwhile Karen is ready to call Drita out for being a two-faced friend this whole time. Six years ago these ladies did the show to make some money and make names for themselves, but after six years, only four ladies remain friends, Drita is solo and we lost the amazing Big Ang Raiola to cancer.

The Mob Wives reunion looks to be the most intense series finale to date. Last year it was out of control with Natalie Guercio, but this season it looks to be worse.

NOTE: Karen and Natalie made up and are now cool. The two ladies made amends with each other at Big Ang’s funeral, so a year later Ang accomplished her goal to bring these ladies together even afterlife. Thank you Ang for being the voice of reason on Mob Wives, you were and will always be a reality legend forever. #RIPBigAng

The Mob Wives reunion airs Wednesday on Vh1 at 9/8c.