What We’ve Learned: Basketball Wives Season 9 Episode 5

What We Learned: Basketball Wives Season 9 Episode 5

What We’ve Learned: Basketball Wives Season 9 Episode 5!

Well, Basketball Wives Season 9 Episode 5 actually started off on a positive note with Malaysia and Jackie finally have a conversation and squashing their beef. In the end, the two ladies who have a long history of friendship hugged it out. Read on for what we learned…

CelebnReality247.com reports the ladies at Shaunie’s mansion are living their best life and being very much positive, it’s a true getaway of relaxation.

  • Right off the jump, we are introduced to the new ladies on Basketball Wives, sisters Nia, and Noria Dorsey-Taggart, who are friends of Jackie Christie‘s.
  • While at the mansion, Nia opens up to Shaunie. Shaunie says that she hopes OG can be open to having that conversation with her, but the allegations OG made about her and Evelyn are so damaging. And she’s never really been around OG outside of her not getting along with a few of the others. So maybe it’s time for Shaunie O’Neil and OG to have a conversation of “understanding.”
  • They change the topic and the sisters discuss losing their father to Covid. Noria breaks down in tears and says the last time she spoke to their father was on Father’s Day. Evelyn and the others console them.

  • Meanwhile, over at Jackie’s mansion, OG is starting to rub Jennifer Williams, when Jen tries to open up and have a one on one. OG is completely self-involved and shuts Jen down. All OG does is talk about herself and is ton deaf to Jennifer, so she is annoyed with OG.
  • Later, Jackie, Nia, and Noria Dorsey-Taggart return to the mansion. Jen inquires how was it. They reveal it was a good time. Then, Nia tells OG that she told Shaunie about her past in hopes to help the ladies understand OG is hurting.
  • OG is NOT making any new friends, she SNAPS and aggressively tells Nia and Noria to mind their business and not to speak on her behalf.
  • In a green screen interview, Jennifer says she doesn’t have time for this kind of petty stuff.
  • As for Noria, in a green screen interview, she says she doesn’t like the tone OG used when she speaks to people at times.
  • The next day, the ladies are doing a workout at Jackie’s mansion, OG tells Nia and Noria to talk to her before they go back and repeat what she said to the collective. It’s clear that the sisters are no longer liking OG and understanding why the collective doesn’t like her either.
  • As Jennifer and Jackie talk, Jennifer says that she doesn’t think she can stay in the house with OG anymore.
  • Feby reacts to Nia’s arrival during Facetime with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie. They update her about Nia once dated Lance. Feby says that Nia is a stalker and sent her direct messages of people having s-x on Instagram and asking if it was Feby in the video. Feby is convinced that Jackie is messy for bringing Nia around the group.

Plus, she created fake accounts to contact Feby.

  • In the kitchen, OG tries to b messy like last season getting more dirt on Nia and Lance. Nia tells Noria that she’s not feeling the fact that OG asked her about Feby and Lance.
  • During breakfast, Jennifer decides not to eat breakfast with the others by keeping her facemask on because she has nothing nice to say to OG.
  • Malaysia Pargo and Kristen Scott head to Jackie’s mansion to talk to OG. Malaysia asks OG if she did or said anything colorist to her because she doesn’t want OG to feel like she’s not supported. OG says she just feels like she always has to defend herself.
    Malaysia hugs her and asks her how they move forward.
  • OG says passing the blame can’t continue and she thinks people are just trying to talk to her because they can’t handle the backlash they received on social media.
  • In a green screen interview, Jackie says that OG’s response was so disappointing. it appears OG is NOT trying to squash anything and remains just angry and pissed as before. #SMH
  • It appears that she may have reached OG since she has an emotional moment. But the moment is short-lived and OG puts her walls back up saying that everyone is accountable for being colorists.
  • Jackie finally realizes that OG is including her in the mix and she is not happy about it. The tension at Jackie’s mansion is unbearable.

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