Why Princess Love + Ray J Are NOT Getting Back Together

Why Ray J + Princess Love Are NOT Getting Back Together

Why Princess Love + Ray J Are NOT Getting Back Together!

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Princess Love reveals why she and Ray J will NOT be getting back together. We previously reported that Princess and Ray were working it out, but that doesn’t seem to be correct. Read on to see why Princess Love and Ray J are not getting back together…

CelebNReality247.com has the full InstaLive video from Princess Love which is now filling in all the blanks why their relationship has fallen apart.

According to Princess Love, she found out that Ray J had a second secret cellphone where he was entertaining other women behind her back.

The soon-to-be-mom of two says that she confronted her husband Ray J and he admitted that he was doing it because they had been fighting a lot.

Now, we have to interject here. Ladies we have said this multiple times “if you nag your husband and complain all the time, you will end up pushing him away. And most men will start cheating. Apparently Ray J was doing so and admitted it to Love.”

Why Princess Love and Ray J are NOT Getting Back Together:

She goes on to speak about the Vegas trip and how she didn’t want to go. She went, but Princess admits that they got into another argument and she sarcastically told Ray that if he wanted to move to Vegas then he could and she will stay in LA.

Princess then claims that Ray was just looking for any excuse to bail on her and do him. Things escalated and it got so bad that Ray was throwing threats that he will file for divorce first. Love took to social media to EXPOSE Ray and all the drama he has caused her. She is 8 months pregnant and prepared to be a single mom since Ray moves the way he wants.

Well, that is what led to him blocking her. Ray J also claims that he feels he love is lost for he and Princess.

Now, it is being revealed that she wanted him to be honest, truthful and transparent, but Ray J is apparently incapable of doing such so they are NOT working to rebuild their relationship

A source told the outlet:

They are not back together and not considering couples therapy. They haven’t even discussed that. The only communication they have right now is regarding their daughter.

Check out Ray J’s response to Princess Love. The whole thing is childish and he doesn’t really seem to be vested into being married:

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