Will Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida Become Friends In Prison

Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida

Now that there are two Real Housewives husband behind bars starting March 23rd, Will Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida Become Friends In Prison?!?

Now we know that the odds of the RHONJ and RHOATL husband already knowing each other is slim, but hear what Joe Giudice had to say about Apollo Nida on the flip….

Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida

In case you didn’t know, Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida will be serving their prison sentences together at FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey, but will they end up friends?

It all depends if Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida will be serving time in the same area of the prison. Bravo fans everywhere just assumed the househusbands had met, and were looking forward to a familiar face behind bar.

Meanwhile The Daily Dish reports that this is not the case.

When asked if he knew Apollo Nida, Joe Giudice replied:


“I don’t even know who he is to be honest with you.”

Teresa weighed in on meeting Phaedra Parks, but NOT Apollo and why Joe would NOT know who he is.

She said:

 “Yeah, they never spoke. They never met. When I go to Bravo events… I met Phaedra at a commercial shoot once, but Joe never comes to those.”


Despite reports back in December when RHOATL’s Phaedra Parks, who is Apollo’s estranged wife, confirmed that Apollo was transferred to prison in New Jersey and that he would probably meet Joe in there.

Teresa added:

“He’s there. No, he hasn’t [previously met Giudice]. I’m sure they haven’t crossed paths, but I guess they will now.”

Say what you want about Joe Giudice, this situation is unfortunate.

It will be interesting if Joe and Apollo finally meet and become friends. The two Reality Husbands probably have a lot of stories to share.

Do we smell best seller?

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