Willie Taylor Still “Mentally A Wreck” After His Father’s Passing

Willie Taylor Still "Mentally A Wreck" After His Father's Passing

Willie Taylor Still “Mentally A Wreck” After His Father’s Passing!

Losing his father/best friend took a major toll on him and he was unable to fulfill being the “Provider, The Husband & Father” anymore. It has truly taken a toll on his mental health causing some depression.

This is why Willie Taylor recently explained why he had to leave his wife Shanda and their kids

He broke it down recently, but now Willie is going further on why it was so important that he got “peace,” according to CelebnReality247.com.

Willie explains:

I have always felt in control of my mind, until I lost my father/Best Friend and without mourning, I had to show up every day as My FULL Self, The Provider, The Husband & Father, but mentally I was just a Shell that held a 30% version of myself Still trying to Stand Strong and deny the fact that mentally I’m a wreck.

He adds:

I began to become more emotional & Angry. I was losing my own identity, I no longer knew what I was capable of saying or doing……….Everybody won’t understand the moves that you HAVE to make for YOU, and Some won’t even know how to handle you in this trying season of your life ………. But Please Don’t Lose yourself, I understand more now than ever how important mental health is…. and I’m praying for anybody going through it. Looking up to where all my Blessing Come!!! Love 100.

In another post, Willie asked Shanda to “stop being so toxic” so he can get his mind back together.

He writes:

@imshandadenyce can you stop being toxic long enough for me to put my best foot forward in saving us. I explained this to you before I left, you keep talking about my kids and they are rooting for me here. I talked to them 4 times a day until you took their phones from them to make this “mental Break” harder for me.

The Day26 singer explains that Shanda putting their private business on social media hurt him. All he wanted was from her was for her to be supportive. Instead, she made everything public and put a strain on their relationship.

He concludes:

You went to social media to put our business out and I just needed your support. but keep being you. love you anyway. my children are good and will forever be just that “GOOD”

We completely understand. Losing a parent is devastating. It takes time to heel and many people have no clue what it feels like until it happens to them.

Stay strong Willie.