WTF? Aubrey O’Day Wants Barack Obama’s SPERM

WTF? Aubrey O’Day Wants Barack Obama's SPERM

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day has lost her damn mind these days. Since Aubrey and Pauly D, who dodged a bullet, split, she has been making headlines for the craziest things.

Aubrey O’Day made headlines earlier in the week saying that she and Donald Trump Jr. are soulmates, but he’s not with her. And now Aubrey O’Day Wants Barack Obama’s SPERM??? OMG! This girl. Read on… has the latest from the nuthouse since the Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day is trying to make her way towards motherhood.

According to Aubrey O’Day, who will openly discuss her alleged relationship with Donald Trump Jr. on MTV’s Ex on the Beach. She has now set her standards higher.

Instead of having her “soulmate” Donald Trump Jr. plant seeds in her garden, she wants former President Barack Obama’s babies. We don’t think Michelle will be too happy about that.

Aubrey, the one who said she wanted to kill Pauly D on Marriage Boot Camp, and the one who will be starring on MTV’s Ex on the Beach season 3 is determined to get some man secret sauce.

What is crazy is that O’Day is going the distance to Donald Trump Jr. to appear on MTV’s Ex on the Beach while dissing his current girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, 50.

Here is what she said:

I’m sending the message out to you, Don. Drop Kimberly, she’s crazy-looking. The White House f—ing little fiasco is about to be over, so why don’t you come to join me in the Ex on the Beach house?

The say delusion is grandeur, and apparently, it is with Aubrey O’Day. This girl is doing the most, but NOT in her eyes.

Nope, Ms. wannabe homewrecker has put her attention on our former President, Barack Obama.

The Danity Kane singer said:

I would like to do a show about inseminating me with some brilliant man’s sperm so I can have a child.

Aubrey adds that Obama is her dream doner:

Dream donor, Barack Obama. Because he’s brilliant, classy, kind, compassionate, witty, gorgeous. Everything that a great woman deserves, and that’s why he’s got a great woman.

Aubrey is making sure that everyone knows about her love life since  Donald Trump Jr. and Pauly D on MTV’s “Ex On The Beach.”

She went on to say this about going back to Trump Jr. if he left Kimberly Guilfoyle:

If he gave up what he chose to be with over me and came back, I would jump on and marry him right then and there.

Oh and lets NOT forget she blasted Diddy for not including Danity Kane in his “Making The Band” reboot.

She told a fan this week after Diddy’s epiphany about “Making The Band 2020.”

You know he can’t finish what he starts.

Yeah, Aubrey is a walking red flag for any man. Steer clear.

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