Basketball Wives: CeCe And OG NEED TO Own Their Lies

Basketball Wives: CeCe And OG NEED TO Own Their Lies

While the Basketball Wives were in Costa Rica Shaunie O’Neil did the smart thing and had two places one for he collective and one for the backstabbing liars.

Sorry, but we are calling it as we see it. While Shaunie and the girls are in the penthouse, Jackie Christie, OG the sh-t starter and CeCe the liar are kept far far away. Too bad they weren’t left back in LA. Read on…

Basketball Wives: CeCe And OG NEED TO Own Their Lies

Anyways, watched Basketball Wives 8 Ep. 15, and we saw all the lies being told, who plays the fence, who never owns their shhh and who loves to twist stories (CeCe, OG, and Jackie Christie).

This makes perfect sense why three gruesome three hang tight, Cece has her minion OG and Jackie Christie is still that hood rat starting mess and spreading lies.

On Wednesday night’s episode, things came to a head when the ladies tried to have another dinner out only causing a spectacle out of the country.

Malaysia kicked it off letting the table know she told Evelyn Lozada that she was aware CeCe Gutierrez was calling her names. When Evalyn asked to her it from CeCe she unleashed on her calling her a B—h and more.

That was all Evelyn needed to hear and poof, the New York came out. The two ladies got into a yelling match in front of everyone.

Next, CeCe tries to make Kristine look like a liar so she digs up the past about calling Shaunie a b—h. it just gets worse from there. Cece tries to blame Kristin for turning Byron’s kids against him. LIE! They don’t like Cece for a reason and the reason is that she is fraudulent. She says one thing to the kids and pisses them off and then blames them and acts like a victim to Byron. The P—-must be so good he can’t see the truth. Bro…really…bro? Keep that black card in check.

Malaysia tried to segway into another topic while throwing Jackie Christie under the bus. Things quickly turned ugly and Jackie started calling Feby a crackhead. She tried to claim it came from a source, but we all know Jackie is full of shhhh.

Feby fired back talking smack about her having issues with her daughter and blam it was on like fire. OG, CeCe, and Jackie stormed off. Jackie’s face is cracked, but let’s be real that book by her daughter explains a lot about her.

The next morning the collective admitted to taking an L, but they made sure that they were going to finish it.

During the afternoon pool lunch, Kristen Scott wanted to speak with CeCe, but once again Byron Scott’s lady was uncouth. Kristen tried to speak to her but CeCe stormed off. Evelyn ran after her with OG on her tail. Things got ugly and OG was seen pushing Evelyn into the bushes. Liars always run away because they don’t want to be called out. The second giveaway is a liar always gets PISSED, like Cece has every time.

Things went left real quick since CeCe refuses to own up to the lies she spread to Byron, how she went behind his back and used OG to use as ammunition against Kristin, and the problems that she has caused with the family. CeCe may be the apple of his eye, but she’s a spoiled seed that needs to be dumped. We already see it coming. If something happens to Byron, she will cut all his family out of the will. Can you say snake? She’s pretty, but most snakes are.

Check out what the ladies had to say after the dinner (what you didn’t see on the episode):

Anyways, things escalated in Costa Rica as Kristin tried to talk with CeCe but once again she couldn’t act civil and stormed off. We hope Byron watches the show so he can see that CeCe is lying.

At the end of it, thing got out of control as OG started threating to break jaws and more. Not to mention telling Evelyn that Ochocinco wanted her.

OG is straight-up nasty and Evelyn is making sure she is put in her place.

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