Black Ink Chicago Fans Applaud Ryan Henry Stepping Up

Black Ink Chicago Fans Applaud Ryan Henry Stepping Up

We previously told you 9Mag owner Ryan Henry made some tough decisions last year on the future of his tattoo empire. He realized that he needed to trim the fat, so he left Charmaine Johnise, Van Johnson, Don Bishop behind.

Phor has left a spot at the new shop and Lily also got hired by Ryan Henry, but he just could go back to the BS antics of Charmaine Johnise and the backstabbing ways of Van Johnson. Last seasons drama is still a thorn in Ryan Henry’s side, but he is trying to keep thing professional, but instead of everyone staying in their lane they still find a way to complain. Read on to see why Fans Applaud Ryan Henry… reports that Charmaine is the biggest complainer about the situation. the old 9Mag days are OVER, so she needs to put on her adult panties and realize its time to grow up and stop acting up at 9mag.

With that said, Black Ink Chicago‘s Ryan Henry made a poor choice in commanders when he picked Van Johnson to lead his shop. All Van has done is run it into the ground with his hoodrat crew that is looking for trouble.

Van is RUING the 9Mag name, and last year he showed everyone that Loyal Ink was an utter FLOP since there were too many chiefs and no employees. Once again Van is trying to have a chill environment at the old 9Mag, but no one is listening. Van takes no responsibility and like Charmaine Johnise, he is in his feelings for being left behind.

Charmaine has a radio gig, and she should focus on that. As for Van, he needs to go back to Chicgorilla, because he SUCKS as a boss at old 9Mag.

Ryan Henry should have given it over to Don, the one person who would have snapped it all into shape. Don and Phor have been there for Ryan all along, but giving it to Van was a mistake.

He went off on Charmaine Johnise this week after she was complaining about how unhappy she was with everything.

Henry told his teams at dinner, including Walker:

Don’t sit up here and act like in a sense that me doing what I have to do for business is wrong. Yeah, you loved 9MAG for what it was, but you fell in love with some bulls–t. We didn’t have no rules, we ain’t have no set, we didn’t have nothing. That s–t was destined to fall because it built on a bad foundation.

He continued:

Yes, I got a whole new way that I run s–t, and it ain’t for everybody. … We ain’t no family and I have to bow down to no mutherf–king body. If you don’t like it, walk!

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers clearly agreed with the 9MAG owner, even applauding him for going off on his cast mates.

Here is what they said:

BOSS!!!???? They could have taken heed to the changes and improved the way they handled the SHOP HE GAVE THEM!!! Sometimes your day ones are the reason why YOU’RE STILL STUCK AT DAY ONE. Good job Ryan!

He finally maned the f–k up he has a good heart he got a caring spirit I hate when his workers run over I get so mad now he’s the man with structure. I’m glad he learned his lesson as being a businessman ??.

I have to be on Ryan side. They still disrespected him. You don’t do it that disrespected boss like that. You can’t blame him, if I was on his shoe, I would have done Same. Just saying ?????.

One viewer made an obvious observation stating:

I like you Ryan, but why go off and take everything you wanna say out on Charmaine? You shoulda said all that to Van a long time ago! Everybody running around saying they help build the shop. No. They had a booth in the shop. Your ‘sister’ put the coin down, you opened the doors, the crew needed a place to work to feed their families. I think everything you’re saying, you actually wanna say to Van, and I think you scared him. Why? Cuz he did time? My father always said, there’s always somebody tougher.

He took to social media saying:

Frontline… I just want best for me and mine… forgive me for being misunderstood.

This is the 9Mag antics Ryan is sick of, but what Charmaine loves:

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