Black Ink Chicago’s Ryan Henry and Kitty Meet Up

Black Ink Chicago Ryan Henry and Kitty Meet Up

Black Ink Chicago’s Ryan Henry and Kitty Meet Up!

Ryan Henry could get the night he spoke to Kit at the bar…OMG!!!

Now we know that 9Mag owner Ryan Henry and Ms. Kitty are heating things up on Black Ink Chicago. Read on… has the latest from Black Ink Chicago when Don takes Phor and Ryan Henry out for a night on the town.

Don Brumfield is ready to play wingman for his brothers Phor Evrim Brumfield and Ryan Henry, but they don’t know is that he invited Ms. Kitty (Kit SoVain) to come out.

While Don is out with Phor and Ryan, his wife Ashley Brumfield pops up to teach him a lesson. Ashley and her girls can go out to the same club where Don, Phor, and Ryan are.

Instead of having drama, Don realized its time to step up as the man, and by his wife Ashley a bottle so she and her girls can have a bomb night out.

Meanwhile, Kitty shows up and Ryan and her make plans to get hit the club, go out and make breakfast. The deal is that she has to cook breakfast.

As we previously reported, Ryan and Charmaine spoke on the Van fallout and whats up with Ms. Kitty.  Let’s NOT forget Kitty has been dealing with major shhh thanks to Tatti saying she’s NOT lying about Ryan and Kit smashing.

Not to mention, Kit getting FIRED by Ceaser because he REFUSED to believe NOTHING happened on Black Ink Crew.

Afro-Japanese snack Ryan puts it:

I still keep in touch with her…a friend is a friend!

If a man says we gonna have breakfast, that is code for smashing. And hey, if Ryan and Ms. Kitty hooked up so be it. Ryan is fine and Kitty is beautiful, the two of them make a cute couple.

And could you imagine their kids? Ryan and Kitty would make beautiful babies.


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