Black Ink Compton’s LeMeir Mitchell Says “I’m Smarter Than Ceaser + Ryan Henry”

Black Ink Compton's LeMeir Says "I'm Smarter Than Ceaser + Ryan Henry"

“Black Ink Crew Compton” is already coming out the gate with some controversy coming from entrepreneur LeMeir Mitchell.

LeMeir Mitchell of Happy Ice, an ultra-premium Water Ice product, made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia with an artistic LA twist. When asked about Ceaser and Ryan as businessmen, he had a few things to say. Read on to see why LeMeir Says “I’m Smarter Than Ceaser Emanuel + Ryan Henry”… reports that business owner and artist LeMeir Mitchell had a lot to say when it comes to Black Ink Crew owner Ceaser Emanuel and 9Mag owner Ryan Henry.

LeMeir Mitchell from “Black Ink Crew Compton” is already stirring the pot when it comes to Ceaser Emanuel + Ryan Henry and fans are feeling like he’s out of line.

Mitchell discussed Ceaser and Ryan and how he feels he’s a better businessman.

In an interview with VH1 Lemeir took the opportunity to be a bit shady while thrwing some jabs at Black Ink Crew and 9Mag:

He said:

I don’t really watch this show as much cause I’m a real businessman. I’m always working. But when I look at Ryan and Ceaser from the other Black Ink franchises, I would say that I can do what they’re doing times 10, times 20.

I mean I respect everything that everybody doing. I’m not going to step on nobody’s toes, but I would be doing a lot more with it.

I would be a better leader. I know for a fact I would have better tattoo artists in my shop. I would have, everything would be better all the way around the board.

I just know I would run it better. I would make more of the platform. I feel like they not as smart as I am. I actually know they’re not as smart as I am cause I would have been turned what they had, their platform into a bigger deal.

I’d have been turned it into more money.

Ouch. that is fighting words…

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