Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Refuses To Apologize

Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Refuses To Apologize

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel seems to be eating it all up after last weeks episode.

Ceaser Emanuel is saying that he is refusing to apologize to his Black Ink Crew fans because he’s been disrespected. Read on… reports that Ceaser admits that he “still has a little bit a street still up in him.”

Ceaser Emanuel took a minute from filming Black Ink Crew outside in his car on 113th to speak on the hate coming from social media.

He says being from the hood if a woman disrespects a man, then the man best step up and be ready to fight.

The Black Ink Crew boss says that he feels that some fans are right and some are wrong, but he’s NOT apologizing.

Former Black Ink Crew star Kevin joined Cease on live to tell him that he was wrong.

Cease blames that he is on the outs with Alex because of Donna’s antics. He states that he won’t hit a female, so Alex was the target.

Let’s recap the fight from last weeks episode:

He continues to explain that he has told Alex to get away from Donna but he’s with her. Cease says that at the end of the day, he has no hate for Alex. It is Donna, she is the problem, and his actions were toward Donna, but he won’t his a woman.

Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Refuses To Apologize

Cease explains to Kevin that he is trending in “Most Hated” on social media.

He says that he knows that he’s wrong but fans didn’t see how much disrespect came from Donna. It continues to say that producers edited the show to make him look bad.

Cease closes with “please don’t hate me no more.”

Cease tell Kevin that he will still f–k with him as a friend despite the show.

In addition, Ceaser reveals that he lost his Black Ink Crew Tattoo shop in Philly.  He also talks about opening a shop in Dallas, but it’s up to producers where they opening up a new shop.

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