Ceaser’s Baby Mama Crystal Hates on Ms Kitty

Ceaser’s Baby Mama Crystal Wants Him Back

Like Kitty said, girl miss me with all that BS because you’re still just as insecure and ugly on the inside as before; plastic surgery didn’t change your mindset!

Last night, Black Ink Crew star Ceaser baby mama did her reveal of her new jaw and look and we have to say…STUNNING! Crystal looked amazing, but her stank attitude and insecurities were on 100! Read on for more tea on Ceaser baby mama Crystal starts talking mad shhhht about Ms Kitty…

Ceaser Emmanuel and Crystal Amor share a daughter together, but over the years while Cease was working towards his goal of a mogul, Crystal was a thorn in his side.

The baby mama drama was on 1000 and the two were always battling over child support payments. Back in 2013, this was the situation with Crystal and Ceaser. Watch Teddy trying to work things out:

Fast forward to now, Ceaser has stepped up his role as father proving he and Crystal can coexist and raise a daughter together.

Cease has been somewhat getting back with Ms. Kitty, but Crystal isn’t feeling her at all.

In fact, Crystal’s insecurities were beyond the Black Ink Brooklyn party. instead of getting in a fight, Kitty did an exit stage left, but like all baby mamas, Crystal was playing herself and looking like a fool chasing after Ms. Kitty.

If you recall, After Dutchess, Ceaser began dating Kitty. They later decided they would make better friends. And thus far, their friendship has been blossoming. Ceaser has even been a huge source of support while Kitty tried to process her mother’s death. You might say that is what brought them back together, but we don’t think Kitty is taking Cease serious at all.

Ms. Kitty has made it clear that she’s not trying to do that. And people need to understand that they are just friends.

Of course, Ceaser’s baby momma Crystal finds Kitty as a threat, so she will stop at nothing to get rid of her by calling her a “slut” and “tramp @ss assistant” that she’s “f__ing her way to the top.”

Kitty tried to leave and Crystal started chasing her:

As or Ceaser, Crystal seemingly hints that she’s not opposed to reconciling.

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