Cartel Crew Episode 4: What We Learned

Cartel Crew Episode 4: What We Learned

Cartel Crew is in its second season and yes, we’re finally coming around to it since this season is way better.

We are calling Cartel Crew our new Mob Wives, so let’s catch you up on the recent drama that has been going down on the series. Continue on for more tea on Cartel Crew episode 4… has the latest on Cartel Crew starting off with Kat ‘Tatu Baby’, who was first introduced on Black Ink Crew.

Let’s catch you up to Cartel Crew episode 4 below:

This season Kat‘s baby daddy Eddie is out of prison and wants back into her life. of course Kat is hesitant, and her friend Stephanie is NOT feeling him.

Next, Stephanie confronts Eddie calling him bottom of the barrel and that Kat deserves better, all out front of his job.

Kat finds out and her friendship with Stephanie falls apart:

Meanwhile, Marie is facing charges of domestic violence after a heated argument with her brother and mom got physical. She is stressed about going to prison, but Michael has her back.

Nicole Sets Stephanie on a Blind Date:

Nicole who is dating a Denver Nugget baller tries to get Stephanie back into dating and to stop hating on men because of her bad experiences with them.

Let’s be real Stephanie’s blind date Dino is fine!

What’s going on with Loz and his baby Mama Yolanda:

Then there is Loz who claims all is good, but his baby mama Yolanda tells her side and word is, Loz is behind on his child support. She tells Kat that Loz is a deadbeat dad.

Loz denies all of the accusations his baby mama told Kat everything and provided proof on the phone:

Kat and Dayana sit down and talk about Loz owing back child support. The ladies are NOT feeling Loz who is lying about paying his child support and not being able to see his daughter.

What’s up with Marie and Michael:

Michael and Majix want to get into the weed business legit as they are offered a deal with the brand Cookie.

Marie is facing jail time, but Michael needs to lay low while she deals with her charges. She can’t think about leaving the baby. She doesn’t want to go back. Marie is terrified to go to jail. Her attorney will put in her ‘NOT GUILTY’ plea in.

Marie is working on facing her demons and making sure that she stays out of jail, especially since her attorney told her that she NEEDS to stay away from fighting and drinking.

Dayana Deals with Baby Daddy in Prison and why she’s DONE with Stephanie:

Dayana has her kids write letters to their dad which quickly turns into an activity that leads to some tough questions.

The Fundraiser Blowout:

Stephanie shows up to the fundraiser only to find out that all of her friends are sitting with Ali, the chick who said her dad was a snitch:

Ali who is part of the Dominican cartel pissed off Kat, so she goes in for the kill via Eddie’s instruction. She proves to Stephanie, even though they’re NOT speaking that she’s a “real @ss b-tch!”

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