Charmaine SPILLS The Dirt on Black Ink Chicago Cast

Charmaine SPILLS The Dirt on Black Ink Chicago Cast

Charmaine breaks the golden rule of reality TV and that is doing interviews talking about her cast members, airing their dirt to the world. has the latest tea spilling via Charmaine Johnise

Charmaine SPILLS The Dirt on Black Ink Chicago CastBlack Ink Chicago star Charmaine Johnise joined the Breakfast Club today to speak on her career and where she is at these days. She is working for the radio station.

Black Ink Crew Chicago star Charmaine reveals that Danielle had her meet Katrina hanging out, turning up, and chilling while working at her corporate job in the shop for two years.

During the interview, Charmaine called out her New York counterpart Sky, again, saying she would never treat another woman on the show the way Sky treated her.

As for, Ashley Brumfield, Don’s wife, she would advise Ashley to go out and do her one time. She clarified things, saying she should separate and meet other people.

Charmaine talks about doing the show from then to now. She said when the show started she ended up being the hoe of the show after she had sex with Don in the 9Mag bathroom. She admits that she didn’t know Don had a girlfriend at the time.

Here is what Charmaine dropped the following tea:

She revealed that she hopes that Ryan best with 9Mag, but she explains why she decided to step up as the manager of the shop. She talks about making her own hires without the consent of Van and Phor. She says that her boyfriend Neek Bey is NOT happy with any of it. She claims that she is trying to get that white people money.

Charlamage The God put Charmaine on the spot, asking if she has beef with sky.

She says she’s not beefing with Sky, but the shade thrown is wrong. Charmaine says she would never treat anyone the way Sky treated her.

I ain’t got no beef with Sky. With Sky, it’s really a shame to be honest, because before I was on Black Ink… I would come home and I remember when Black Ink first came on, I remember seeing Sky grow on the show, and I like loved Sky.

Overall, she feels it’s a shame that she and Sky can’t link together.

It’s not what’s up because for us to be two black women on TV in the same franchise, and we can’t even come together, that’s actually really wack to me. From how she did me, how she treated me coming into this entire situation, I will never treat any other female on television how she did me.

So even with Lily, I was very nice to Lily when she stepped in. We got into our argument but, still past that, I will always respect Lily. I will always be nice and I’m always gonna be who I am. I’m never going to turn into, you know, someone that you feel like is attacking you as a black woman.

She clarified that Don got one woman pregnant, it didn’t happen twice.

Angela, who watches the show, then noted the current woman accusing him of getting her pregnant. Charmaine confirmed it was a false alarm and Don is not the child’s father. Perhaps that is why Ashley and Don are reportedly back together.

Chamaine weighs in on Ryan Henry relationship:

Lastly, she says that her relationship with Ryan is basically non-existant. She wishes him the best, but she says that she talked a lot of smack on TV about Ryan because he was dissing her so much on social media. She says it didn’t make sense on TV, but these days she wishes him the best, because everyone is having a hard time filming this season.

Watch what she had to say onThe Breakfast Club:

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