Black Ink Chicago: Snakes In the Grass

Black Ink Chicago: Snakes In the Grass

Ok, so we gonna round up last night’s episode after last weeks shocking moment when Lily gave Charmaine a black eye. No offense to Charmaine, but the girl is over the top 24/7 and thinks her sh*t don’t stink, Lily just gave her a reality check.

Ryan Henry left 9 Mag because of all the BS, and it appears to be Charmaine and the main issue. Van is about Loyalty, but he NEEDS to step up as a boss, or things will run amuck like last nights episode when the snake of 9Mag was revealed. Read on… has the latest on Black Ink Chicago, but instead of weighing in so heavy, we will take you through the events that led up to the snake move by Charmaine!

First, here was the moment when Charmaine got her eye blacked by Lily. It was also the catalyst for Charmaine to under-handedly go behind Van, and Phor taking ownership of the name Loyal Ink. This is why you can’t have all bosses and no employees.

Charmaine tries to figure out how to squash the beef between Danielle and Lily:

Meanwhile, Ryan Henry wants Junior Diaz to help him from the ground up, but his vision is NOT Junior’s and things go left. This is another reason why you can’t bring people living from check to check in on something where they’re NOT getting paid for a month:

Don continues to be irresponsible and lands himself a DUI. Phor, Charmaine, and Lily bail him out on a $5000 bond. WTF, Don? This man has been on a downward spiral his whole life. He screwed up his career in sports, his marriage and now while being a single parent. What happened to Uber or Lyft Don? Phor tries to talk some sense into Don.

Ashley meets with Don to talk about being a responsible parent after she learned of his DUI arrest. Don is tuned out. Later, Ashley and Don try to work on their underlying problems at couples counseling. Don tries to explain that she needs to tone down her attitude, she wants him to stop cheating, but like we said before, they were doomed from the start. Don is NOT a one-woman man, he has NEVER been faithful before marriage or during. Ashley is always on the TURNup, stuck on RATCHET. Despite their differences, the only thing that put them together was their kids. They are better off co-parents, and Don NEEDS to wake up a man up.

Before the ish hit the fan, Don, Phor and Van sort out how they’re going to deal with the ongoing drama between Lily and Charmaine.

Back at Loyal Ink, Lily fails to make T-Shirts for the shop. Van tries to speak with her about squashing the beef with Charmaine, Lily agrees while saying someone needed to put her in her place. Enter Charmaine, who brings in paperwork stating that she owns the brand and that everyone now works for her. Then, she announces that Lily is FIRED. The SNAKE is revealed, Van is PISSED, Phor is outraged and Lily tells Charmaine to make her leave. #SMH

Do you think Charmaine was wrong? Yes, someone NEEDED to step up, but it NEEDED to be Van, NOT Charmaine, she’s a loose cannon.


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