Did 50 Cent or Laz Alonso “Smash” Deelishis Muffins

Did 50 Cent or Laz Alonso "Smash" Deelishis Muffins

Deelishis weighs in on the headlines that had everyone talking about the The Flavor of Love star and who or who didn’t “smash” her cakes until they were flat.

Read on and see what Deelishis revealed for her fans…

CelebNReality247.com is here with the answers to the burning questions “Did 50 Cent or Laz Alonso “Smash” Deelishis Muffins?”

Well, Flavor of Love star Deelishis is now answering the question if she bagged two of Hollywood’s sexiest hunks, because we know a lot of you ladies would love to play with those Hollywood Sausage.

When it comes to Deelishis smashing 50 Cent, she replied with this tea:

I swear, I was just gonna let it sit there, and oh my goodness, YES! Have we done that in our dreams? In mine? Yes. That’s gotta be another headline. but you’re gonna have to hit him up and ask him if he had that moment in his self. If he says yes, then we probably should give each other a phone call. But no.

Aww, damn!

And when asked about the sex rumors with the hunkalicious Laz Alonso, the Flavor of Love star said:

No, I don’t want to disappoint you ladies, no he and I have not entered into a sexual realtionship.

As for all that junk in her trunk?

Deelishis made sure to let everyone know that her booty is 100% grade A certified REAL!

She said:

I have been under the knife, however, it hasn’t been to my face. It’s only been to my breast and to my abdominal area. I’ve had a tummy tuck. If I did it to my face, you would have total evidence because I scar pretty badly. I came on the scene with a big butt. Google me.

Did 50 Cent or Laz Alonso "Smash" Deelishis Muffins

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