Did You Know Party Down South 3 is on RatedRed.com

Did You Know Party Down South 3 is on RatedRed.com

What in the Mattie Lynn Breaux is going on hurr?

Ok so all you fans of 495 Productions Party Down South, can hang with the party crew once again, but they’re NOT on CMT anymore.

Party Down South Returns popped up on the streaming site RatedRed.com with 36 10-minute episodes and no one told us. Read on and check out some of the mayhem these dirty southerners got into. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com is a bit disappointed we weren’t alerted since we promoted the heck out of Party Down South 1 and 2 for a certain production company.

Anyways, pressing on, Party Down South Shorts returned with some of the OG cast like Mattie Lynn Breaux, Tiffany Heinen, Ryan Scott ‘Daddy’ Richards, and Walt Windham from PDS 1. From PDS 2 the cast members include; Hunter Robinson, Tommy Theis, Kelsie Davenport, and Karynda Worcester.

We are glad to see Party Down South come back, they’re our other Jersey Shore type crew we just liked hanging with.

The episodes aired on RatedRed.com streaming site dedicated to the USA, as they say, a channel for us. It’s actually a pretty cool channel and if you want to check it out CLICK HERE…

As for, CMT’s hit show Party Down South with the cast of PDS 1 and 2, the third installment of the show returned on July 11 to spice up summer, but you can still catch all the episode. We recommend a beer bong, popcorn, and your favorite streaming device to catch all the crazy. 495 Productions, PDS (Shorts) is comprised of 36 10-minute episodes.

The latest installment of the series is set in St. Petersberg, FL, and brings together eight fan-favorite cast members.

Tune into all 16 episodes of the new season of Party Down South (Shorts) on RatedRed.com.

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