Joe Giudice Wants To Be An MMA Fighter After Prison

Joe Giudice: Send Me Back To Italy

New Jersey Housewives husband Joe Giudice got in fighting shape in prison and now he’s ready for the Octogon!

Wait, what? according to reports Teresa Giudice husband Joe Giudice who has been in an ICE holding area since his release from prison hopes to take his skills to the MMA ring. Read on for more about Joe Giudice MMA Fighter dreams… has learned that sources have revealed that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice husband Joe Giudice has been training for the UFC.

According to reports Real Housewives of NJ, Joe Giudice is ready to get to put his MMA skills to work.

A source close to Giudice told Page Six:

He’s a trained martial artist. He wants to compete and he wants to compete now, in not martial arts, but mixed martial arts.

Now, the MMA is more of a younger mans sport, but Giudice, 47, who is currently in a detention center while his deportation case is in progress is ready to fight.

We will see, if this Italian hunk who has cut up and lost 50 lbs will say that after a real Octogon fight. Giudice went into prison at 215 pounds and now weighs 165 pounds.

The source also said:

According to him, he’s been doing a lot of the exercises and a lot of the routines that he learned when he got his black belt. He’s been eating right, exercising, staying in shape, getting his body right and he feels like, as far as his condition, he feels stronger than he did when he was in his 20s.

Joe has been in the ICE detention center for some time now and his citizenship status still remains undetermined.

The insider said:

This is one of the things that he is adamant about and he has been speaking about it for quite some time. He didn’t just cook this up last night. It’s one of the reasons why he’s worked so hard to stay in shape and get in shape and whatnot.

We will see what happens.

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