K Michelle Instills FEAR in ANNOYING Girl Twerking

K Michelle Instill FEAR in ANNOYING Neighbor

Singer/Reality star K Michelle had enough of some chick who kept coming to her front door and ringing the doorbell.

The crazy part is what the girl did next because it triggered Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s K Michelle to unleash fear into this annoying girl…

CelebNReality.com reports that K Michelle took to Instagram live last night after some random chick would NOT leave her alone.

The girl just kept coming up to her house and ringing the doorbell. Hello, stalker much?

Anyways, being the no bullshit person that she is, K Michelle went off on the girl when she started lightweight twerking while waiting for someone to answer. Kimberly’s Ring doorbell caught all the action and the girl got a startling surprise from K and it was nothing nice.

K FIRED OFF through the sound system:

Get the f–k off my porch, b*tch!

Yes, K Michelle has had us rolling all day since we saw it last night.

Here is what she said in the Instagram post about this chick:

I don’t know who this lady is that keeps ringing my doorbell everyday! We don’t want none of what you selling. I had to be the voice of reason. She didn’t know I could speak to her wherever I’m at from my phone. I don’t play about privacy at my house. Don’t disrespect my house little bo peep! Don’t come back either! ??? #FAB Thank God for the RING security doorbell! I know when there is any motion on my property. ??????????? I’m not mad though I was playing with her. I was in tears laughing!!! She didn’t know where that voice was coming from!

The chick got her news and it is stay off K’s f–king porch!

After K posted the video another follower mocked the chick twerking and K Michelle loved it:

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