Miss Kitty BLASTS Ceaser + Young Bae

Miss Kitty BLASTS Ceaser + Young Bae

Miss Kitty BLASTS Ceaser + Young Bae!

“Black Ink Crew” star Miss Kitty is still on the outs with the New York crew and recently she had some choice words for Ceaser + Young Bae who are doing the most for camera time. Read on to see why Miss Kitty BLASTS Ceaser…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry from 9Mag are spending time together and having fun. No she may not have confirmed that they’re couple but she got Ryan on Live in seconds.

As for her Black Ink Crew New York castmates Tati and Ceaser still persist that the hookup happened and are still accusing Kitty of lying.

Over the past season of Black Ink Crew Miss Kitty has had to face off with Young Bae, Donna, Cease in Hawaii during Walt’s wedding.

While on he live, she states that Sky did NOT start any of this, it was a RUMOR started by Ceaser. This is why she put Cease and Bae all the way on blast.

Kitty addressed the accusations on Instagram Live. She denied that she ever said anything bad about Bae’s son. She then said that Bae only made the accusation so she won’t look bad when some major tea is exposed on the show. According to Kitty, Ceaser and Bae have been sleeping together.

Well, it looks as if Kitty and Bae might not be able to get their friendship back on track. In fact, the “Black Ink Crew” stars come to blows when they end up at the same tattoo convention.

The interesting thing is Sky made the accusation on social media months ago, but Cease quickly denied it.

Check out what Kitty had to say on “Where’ The Beef”:

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