Miss Kitty Wants To Be Left Out Of Ryan Henry’s Drama

Miss Kitty Wants To Be Left Out Of Ryan Henry's Drama

Miss Kitty Wants To Be Left Out Of Ryan Henry’s Drama!

Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry has been making headlines after his best friend Anthony Lindsey aired Ryan’s dirty laundry that he slept with his baby mama.

Ryan was pissed that Anthony Lindsey made his indiscretion a public announcement, but Anthony felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. Read on since Miss Kitty wants her name out of Ryan Henry’s Drama…

CelebnReality247.com reports that now Miss Kitty wants NOTHING to do with Ryan Henry and all the drama circulating the 9Mag owner.

Black Ink Crew star Miss Kitty says she is being dragged into Ryan Henry’s latest cheating scandal and she wants no parts of it.

Kitty Tweeted:

For the love of God can you all PLEASE stop putting my name in a situation that has absolutely NOTHING to do with me? Thank you.

Kitty has come forward following Ryan Henry’s admission that he was smashing his best friend’s Anthony Lindsey baby mama.

Initially, Ryan was silent when the accusations were made, he even criticized Anthony, then confessed publicly. He admitted to sleeping with the woman and says he knows he hurt and embarrassed a lot of people with his actions.

What makes the situation worse is that he is the Godson to Anthony Lindsey’s son.

Ryan’s admission video left a bad taste is many Black Ink Chicago fans mouths.

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