Reza Farahan FIRES A Cease & Desist To Mike Shouhed

Reza Farahan FIRES A Cease & Desist To Mike Shouhed

Over the weekend Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed learned real quick that Reza Farahan was NO LONGER his homeboy!

See, Reza Farahan wasn’t too happy with Mike Shouhed for using his name and image on merchandise where he was selling apparel via a website belonging to Mike. Yeah, not a good look so Reza FIRED off a Cease & Desist. Read on for the tea spill about Reza Farahan Cease & Desist to Mike Shouhed…

Reza Farahan FIRES A Cease & Desist To Mike Shouhed has learned that Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed decided to show fans of the Bravo series how much of a snake Reza Farahan was with photos of the Cease & Desist he sent.

Mike Shouhed took to Instagram BLASTING Reza Farahan stating:

Gawdamn! ? GUESS HE’S “NOT MY HOMEBOY”! LOL, What’s the f-ckin World come too?????????- this what happens when dudes got his panties in a bunch! You got my # bro, you could have just texted me and we handled this like 1.5 men, instead of making ur cousin write this letter ??? #Shahs

The Cease & Desist letter addressed to Mike Shouhed from Reza Farahan’s legal team.

It reads as follows:

This law firm represents Reza Farahan. It has recently come to our attention that through a website we believe to be owned by you, directly or indirectly, (“Website”), you are selling and/or offering for sale articles of clothing misappropriating Mr. Farahan’s name, image and other indicia of personality (“Infringing Products”) without Mr. Farahan’s consent.

According to Reza Farahan, 46, his intellectual rights are being violated and he demands his Shah’s co-star immediately stop selling the “infringing Products via the Website.”

Reza Farahan’s grievances appear valid, since Mike Shouhed’s website, is selling “REZA IS MY HomeBoy” T-Shirts for $25.00.

What do you think about Mike selling Reza T-Shirts?

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