Black Ink Chicago: Bella NEEDS Manors; Ryan FIRES Charmaine + Shuts Down 9Mag

Black Ink Chicago: Bella NEEDS Manors; Ryan FIRES Charmaine + Shuts Down Black Ink

This week Black Ink Chicago aired Neek Bey’s proposal to Charmaine while the crew was in South Carolina at the Myrtle Beach Safari.

Following the proposal, Daniell had the crew head to a boat trip for some good times and partying, but once again tacky @ss Bella proves she has NO CLASS. Read on to get the latest on Bella NEEDS Manors; Ryan FIRES Charmaine + Shuts Down 9Mag… has the latest on Tuesday’s Black Ink Chicago as Bella wears out her welcome during the crew’s trip to South Carolina when she makes inappropriate comments in the presence of Charmaine and Neek’s parents.

Bella just couldn’t help being disrespectful asking how much the ring cost in front of everyone during Neek Bey‘s toast to Charmaine Johnise.

Charmaine tried to shut her down, but Bella was clueless asking “was that disrespectful?”

Yeah, yes it was STUPID!

Moving on, later in the episode, Bella once again crossed the like saying she wasn’t the one who told the rumor about Charmaine and Van sleeping together.

Charmaine was totally disrespected at this point. The crew moved to a new location on land and Charmaine addressed the elephant in the room, Van. Did or did she not smash Mr. Chicagorilla?

Well, Don shredded some light on the situation stating that Van told him that Charmaine was drunk and ended up blowing him. She apparently doesn’t remember or she wants to void it from her memory and so does Van. Truthfully at this point who cares except production who wants clickbait storylines.

Charmaine Johnise Gets FIRED from 9Mag!

Next, during Phor’s birthday party, Ryan Henry asked Don to step up as a manager to drop the hammer on Charmaine that her services are NO LONGER NEEDED at 9Mag.

Charmaine doesn’t take well to the news and feels betrayed by her brothers.

In the long run, this is the best thing for Charmaine. This way she can focus on her radio gig, Neek, and her life with her soon to be husband.

As for Van and Bella? Well, they both got the boot. Van has a pending lawsuit for a bad tattoo job that is tarnishing Ryan’s brand, and Bella – she is too messy and flies off the handle too much to be part of the new shop. Don and Phor are relocating to the new 9Mag.

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