Ryan Henry Strikes Again With R&B Singers Wife

Ryan Henry Strikes Again With R&B Singers Wife

Ryan Henry Strikes Again With R&B Singers Wife!

Apparently, Black Ink Chicago and 9Mag owner Ryan Henry have the magic stick all the ladies want. Now we are hearing that Henry not only smashed his best friends, baby mama but also slept with multiple women in 9Mag, he is now the reason why a popular R&B singer’s marriage is OVER.

It appears that Ryan Henry has that Hollywood Sausage all the ladies want to take a ride. Read on for more on Ryan Henry smashing an R&B Singers Wife…


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“Don’t do wifey shit for a f%€k boy” ??

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CelebnReality247.com has learned that R&B singer Ne-Yo was dumped by his wife because she is sleeping with Ryan Henry of 9Mag aka Black Ink Chicago.

First, Anthony Lindsey aired Ryan’s dirty laundry, Then, Henry first tried the denial route about going behind Lindsey’s back and sleeping with his baby mama.

A week ago Ryan Henry admitted to sleeping with Anthony Lindsey’s baby mama and now this. It appears Ceaser Emanuel’s comment about loyalty to no one is accurate.

Van even said that he will step on whoever to achieve his goals of fame, and the sad this is that it is happening in front of our eyes so there is no denying Ryan is out for team Ryan.

A warning to all men, do not bring Ryan Henry around your ladies, or he will smash.


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“A Tru Beast ?” Outfit: @TruWonStop   Make sure y’all go grab some HEAT shop from their collection!

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Here is what the tea spill is.

R&B singer Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith has been flying to Chicago to spend time with her alleged new guy. The new guy just so happens to be Ryan Henry of Black Ink Chicago aka 9Mag.

Ryan’s affairs have been on public display and we can’t wait to hear his explanation about causing Ne-Yo and his wife to split.

Wait, does this mean Ryan Henry is a homewrecker?

Ryan has achieve his muscle goals:


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Always on… #9MAGfitness

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