Teddy Ruks Responds To Interracial Relationship Backlash

Teddy Ruks Responds To Interracial Relationship Backlash

Teddy Ruks Responds To Interracial Relationship Backlash!

“Black Ink Crew” star Teddy has had an eventful love life on the show. And fans know that the ups and downs have been well documented over the last eight seasons. however, these days Teddy is locked down to one woman, Euri. Read on to see what Teddy Ruks is saying about interracial relationships…


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CelebNReality247.com reports that Teddy Ruks has become a target for Black Ink Crew New York fans since he has finally stepped out of dating female employees.

See, Teddy Ruks is the dude all the women tend to sleep with at Black Ink Crew. Apparently, he got it like that which is why he has a long list of smashing women from the shop.

Teddy has dated Sky, Jadah Blue who was FIRED from the shop for damage control. His most recent notch in his belt was, Tati, which ended oh so disastrous. There is a bunch of nameless, THOTTIES he’s banged as well.

In 2019, it appears that Teddy found his match and current girlfriend Euni.

The others on the show didn’t find out about the relationship until Teddy posted about Euni on social media. And it was assumed Teddy had secretly gotten married, but that is incorrect.

After a few months, Teddy eventually revealed that he didn’t marry Euni. Though, he thinks they will get married in the near future. So he wears a wedding band to remind him not to mess things up.

Meanwhile some fans of the show are rooting for the couple to make it to marriage, Teddy has been getting some criticism as well.

This is why Teddy clapped back.

A follower recently called him out about his interracial relationship. It all started after another follower said Teddy isn’t married but he wears a wedding band to remind him to not step out on Euni. And it’s all about not being distracted. Another follower responded and asked why Teddy couldn’t have this type of relationship with a black woman. They also said that black men always want to act right with non-black women.

When Teddy saw the comment, he decided to respond.

He said:

Slide through my comments and tell me who has the most negative things to say about me. “My own” don’t want me/us lol. You have a blessed day sister.

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