Black Ink Chicago Is Back: Vans Back; Kitty Confronts Ryan

Black Ink Crew Is Back: Vans Back; Kitty Confronts Ryan

Black Ink Chicago Is Back: Vans Back; Kitty Confronts Ryan!

A lot has happened since the last time we saw Chicago’s 9Mag and 2nd City Ink crews. So let’s get down to mid season premiere of Black Ink Chicago starting with the Kitty and Ryan drama… has the latest happenings with Black Ink Chicago starting off with Ryan Henry and Rachel traveling to Mexico with their son.

Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Kitty since Ryan told her they were in a relationship. Well, this season he is telling her he never promised a relationship.

Basically, the problem for Kitty was that she received backlash on social media after Ryan goes to Mexico with Rachel and the kids. She felt he made her look stupid to the Black Ink Chicago fans. It was a embarrassing situation for her since most people thought she had a romance with Ryan. Not to mention he said nothing in her defense, so she questioned their friendship.

Things only got worse when she decided to confront him. The conversation was a bust since Ryan decided to deny telling Kitty the were in a romantic relationship. He also doesn’t want Kitty telling him what he can and cannot do. So nothing is resolved and Kitty storms out of 9 Mag upset about Ryan’s actions. She says Ryan is dead-ass WRONG!

Ryan Henry is a hottie but that doesn’t mean he’s good relationship material.

Moving on Van is back with his girl Jen and his daughter Bri celebrates her 18th birthday before she’s going in the military. Oh yeah, Van has a new dog who happens to be an exciting addition to the family. Bri tells her dad that she want Ryan, Phor, Don and Charmaine there.

In addition, Bri invites Phor, Charmaine, Ryan, and Don to show up even though they aren’t on good terms with Van. The guys who she calls Uncles show up. Van and the guys are cordial to each other, but Ryan is NOT trying to make friends so he stay quiet.


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The SHOCKER is Bri invited Lily of all people.

The only problem is the producers of the show tell her no-go and she is quickly dismissed. See, Lily tries to walk into the party but producers tell her she’s been banned from the show for calling black people the N word. She tries to argue and accuses them of “playing the black card.”

Next, 2nd City Ink is hiring new artists.

Charmaine needs new staff since Draya went to 9Mag, Jess went back to England, and Fly got in a fight with the cops. Miss Kitty is in charge of the interviews and allowing people to walk in to see if they are the right fit. Charmaine is in her feelings about Draya leaving to work at 9 Mag. She’s in an okay place with Ryan because he apologized for this, but she’s still not on good terms with Phor and Don.

Ryan had to hire a couple people back at 9Mag:

Over at 9Mag, Bella is back and Draya is working over there now.

Don reveals that he and Ashley have separated.

Ashley wrote on a piece of paper “I want a Divorce!”

He’s on a spiritual journey and living with Phor but the rapper has made it clear that Don’s new spirituality is irritating.

Next, we get some insight on Ryan’s family:

Former NBA player Eddy Curry and his son Noah walk into 9 Mag. Noah is Ryan’s nephew and the son of his deceased sister Nova. Noah is the only survivor of the double murder situation that took Ryan’s sister Nova and his niece Ava’s lives.

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