Angelina SLAMS Jersey Shore Family Roast Joke; Deena Responds

Angelina SLAMS Jersey Shore Family Roast Joke; Deena Responds

Angelina SLAMS Jersey Shore Family Roast Joke; Deena Responds!

It’s been months since Angelina and Chris got married, but it appears that the Jersey Shore Family is still a bit sore on the way she acted.

We all know that Angelina went over the top getting pissed off and making a f-ckery of her wedding all on her own. Yes, the Staten Island dump joke may had been too far since everyone there was from Staten Island, but Angelina said she was cool with it. She acted like everything was all love but after she felt Chris was upset she started acting a fool.

As always, Angelina took the drama to a level 100 and kept it there. And after Deena, Nichol and Jenni felt like dirt and just wanted to leave, she made them feel worse. Deena tried to apologize, but Angelina still had the chip on her shoulder.

Now, 7-months later, Angelina is still trying to play victim when it was NOTHING! Read on for more on why Angelina Slams Jersey Shore, so Deena responded… has this advice since Angelina Slams Jersey Shore, if she blew it off then Deena would have left it alone.

It’s no shocker that Angelina went there since she’s still holding a grudge with Snooki, JWoww and Deena over her wedding roast. It’s like Vinny always says, “Angelina loves drama.”

Over the 4th of July the Jersey Shore Family celebrated the holiday together and then Mike The Situations birthday and the girls did a mock roast about mike like they did to Angelina.

Apparently it was NOT well received by Angelina. She had this to say about it on social media:

Here we go again. I haven’t been on twitter in weeks and I kept my mouth shut but now they wanna keep going. I don’t get this !!! And they say I’m dramatic the irony.

Deena responded to Angelina playing the victim once again!

She Tweeted:

For months of myself..Jenni and Nicole were getting threats and her knowing how bad it was for us she continued to play the victim and make us look terrible to people .. and after seeing the episode and seeing her true colors .. I can care less if I ever see her again in my life

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