TROLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago Charmaine Beatdown

TROLL PATROL: #BlackInkCrew Chicago Charmaine Beatdown

Like we said #BlackInkCrew Chicago is on fire this season and one person who got her news this season was Charmaine because she is SOOOOO LOUD!

Thankfully, her mama told her that she was TOO MUCH and need to come correct with her Loyal Ink Crew.

Charmaine has been the root of many problems with 9Mag and Loyal Ink.

Thanks to Lily’s out of control temper, Charmaine got knocked in the head. We are NOT promoting violence, but sometimes people like Charmaine NEED some sense knocked into them.

It may work with mom and dad, but in the REAL WORLD, friends and co-workers are NOT hearing that ish. Read on to see what Twitter has been saying about Charmaine since the blowout… was like DAAAMN, Lily just punched Charmaine in the face, but you could see on everyone’s face that they all wanted a piece of the action.

Instead, they stayed quiet until #BlackInkCrew Chicago star Charmaine bought the LLC to Loyal Ink telling Phor, Van, Don and Lily, her equal partners that she was the HBIC (Head B***h in Charge). That was straight up betrayal.

This week Don FORCED Charmaine to wake up and STOP the stupid. He made Charmaine and Lily squash the feud:

Charmaine’s mom told her she had no talent and that she was wrong for her hasty actions.

The #TROLLPATROL on Twitter has been sounding off since:

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